Virtual Reality

Some Advantages Of Virtual Reality Gaming (VR Headsets, VR Games)

Have you ever tried VR games? If you haven’t, you really should, trust me, you will love it. It gives you an immersive experience where you feel like you are IN the game and also a feeling that the game is all around you. The entire world has gone nuts over VR gaming, and if you don’t understand the craze over it, you should surely try it, and this is just the beginning of it. When it is compared to PC or console gaming, it is not as simple to handle or play, but it surely has an edge when it comes to being immersive and entertaining to a whole other level. There are so many advantages to VR gaming, and in this article, I will tell you about a few of them which will make you want to go out and buy a VR headset.

  1. It goes beyond the screen in front of our face. The audio and video are perfectly in synchronization to give us the perfect experience possible. Imagine you are playing a game where you are against zombies, it will feel like the zombies are right there with you, trying tear into your flesh. The entire experience will basically be more realistic than a normal game which is conventionally played on a flat-screen TV. Many services like AussyELO are coming out with new ways to make your gaming experience much more exciting.
  2. It is also known to burn some calories. Therefore it is dubbed one of the best ways to burn off some calories without actually having to work-out. How this happens is, some VR games will require you to stand and move around as well, hopefully within the safety of your living room or game room. This is comparatively healthier when talking about sitting on your couch where you are playing on a console remote.VR Games
  3. Virtual Reality (VR) pushes technology ahead. Since they have gained so much popularity, people working in these VR gaming companies are compelled actually to invest in this technology and push it further. The future holds very amazing things for VR. You have to look forward to VR in your glasses and also VR suits which will give you the actual physical stimulations of a game. This has so many applications. The possibilities are indeed amazingly endless.
  4. It has proven to be a way of experiencing new things, and it is also going to be a must-have item in your gaming set-up. The adrenaline rush that you get when you are playing a haunted house game in VR or maybe if you are being chased by dinosaurs is completely different and way better than the rush you get while playing normal games. The future of gaming has ‘Virtual Reality’ written all over it. The best example would be the movie “Ready Player One.”
Gaming Addiction

How to get rid of gaming addiction

Gaming addiction is now officially included in the list of addictions. Kids and adults these days are so crazy behind gaming that the adverse effects of it have started showing. The addicted to gaming people don’t even realize how much time and effort they’re wasting behind something which is best played minimally. Also, these addicts go beyond limits to fulfil tasks mentioned in the game. So here’s what you have to do if you are already addicted or have started noticing signs of gaming addiction in you. Read on:


  1. Switch over to offline games:
    Online games keep you on your toes. They’re just never-ending and make you want to keep playing till you win. If you switch to offline games, the urge to keep playing, getting influenced by other players won’t be a worry.
  2. Set time limits:
    You will have to cut down on your addiction slowly and steadily. So if you used to play for four hours a day, cut it down to three and replace that one hour with an old or new hobby. Slowly make sure the time limits reverse and ensure you spend more time on your hobby rather than gaming. The more time you dedicate to your hobby, you’ll realize how futile gaming is and how you can spend that time more productively.gaming
  3. Venture outside:
    Try going away from your gaming devices. Discover the nature out. Spend time with your family and friends. Head to cafes, you love to experiment with new food. Once you step outside, you will notice that there are hundreds of other things you can do instead of rotting in front of your PC or smartphone gaming all day long!
  4. Pick an outdoor sport:
    Use all the tricks, multitasking skills, team spirit and other things gaming taught you in the real world by picking a sport. Any outdoor activity would do. A sport you know or a sport that was on your list for a long time, you could choose either of these and use all your energy getting drenched with sweat rather than being a couch potato, gaming at home!
  5. Meditate:
    Meditation will help you control your mind and put an end to all your woes. Practising calm meditation early in the morning will let you keep a tab on yourself and not give in to gaming or any other addictions. Fifteen minutes worth meditation can help you get rid of your gaming addiction – slowly and steadily.